Holiday apartments in a traditional Appenzeller house

On top of Appenzell

Our four apartments are located on the Northern border of the little town Appenzell. The house in which the four apartments are, is a typical Appenzeller house, similar to the very traditional Appenzeller farmer houses. Everyhting is made of wood which gives everyone a cozy feeling. All 4 apartments are very light with a lot of sun, near to the center of the little town Appenzell and near to the railway station (8 minutes by foot) also all shops are very close. You can relax, enjoy, observe, and have fun in the nature around Appenzell. There are a few mountains and three mountains lakes, let's discover the so called "Alpstein". Appenzell has a lot of tradition, especially the main street (Hauptgasse) with the colored houses and the small shops. This environment can give you peace, relaxation, a good health, good energy, and a lot of fun. Stay a while in Appenzell! We are looking forward to having you in Appenzell. See you!

Appenzell is waiting for you, you can discover many hiking paths, enjoy the unique view, enjoy the nature! Stay a while in Appenzell to fulfill all the duties again in your daily life! We are looking forward to having you in Appenzell.

Appenzell is located near the green hills, the mountains, and the near cities like St. Gallen (20 km), Zurich (100 km), It is a very relaxed environment with many outdoor activities for the whole family.


In Appenzell there are many possibilities to spend your free time in a versatile way with biking, mountain biking, hiking, walking, climbing, observing nature. The canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden is one of the smallest cantons in Switzerland, not in terms of area, but in terms of population. There are many traditions that are cherished. Stay a while in Appenzell so you can get to know everything.

The accommodation

An authentic environment is offered in a wooden house of Appenzell with some specific features (wooden shutters that can be either raised or easily sunk into the facade). Panoramic mountain views to the west, north and south.

The apartments are fully furnished with more extensive equipment in kitchen and bathroom.

Each apartment has a free parking space at its disposal (garage or outside parking spot).

Welcome to Alpstein; we look forward to hearing from you.